Worship Childcare October 3, 4

Childcare is provided for those who would be in our Babies and Younger Preschool hallways. Those children would be born on or after 8/16/16. If you have a child who was 3 or younger on August 15, 2020, they are able to register.

If they are within the range and you see the message "no appropriate org," that means we have no rooms available for children that age this weekend.

Log in using your username or email and password. If you're having trouble logging in, carefully enter your first and last names and at least one other detail you believe that we have in our database and click "Submit" to find you or your child's record.


Childcare is limited and must be reserved. Please select the service which you plan to attend. If an option is not able to be selected, it is full and we ask that you choose a different service. Alternately, you can attend at that time in the Family Worship in the Fellowship Hall, or attend in the Worship Center.

Note: If you have additional children in the age range needing care, you will select "Additional Registraion" before finalizing.

At this moment, the registration is closed. You may still attend the Family Worship Service (if there is room), or the regular service in the Worship Center. We release reserved tables in the Family Worship Service 15 minutes after the service begins.