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This questionnaire is designed to be a tool to assist you in defining your strengths in the area of ministry. Through the results, it is our desire that you will be able to more clearly see what your particular strengths and gifts are and therefore will have a clearer vision for what part God would have you play in the body of Christ at Bellevue Baptist Church.

We want you to be honest and open when evaluating yourself and take into consideration that while we should all have certain good qualities as Christians, there are differences in motives and in ways of expressing the unique character that God has gifted each one of us with.

As a member of the body of Christ, you are very crucial to the overall health and strength of the body. We will only function as effectively as God intended if each member is doing its part. That is why we have a strong conviction that each member have a place in ministry, and we hope this assessment will give you information that will be helpful in finding that place of service that God intends for you to have within our body.

Ministry Assessment - Spiritual Gifts

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